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Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait By BASF - Australia Packshot

Goliath® Gel

Cockroach Bait

The gold standard for complete cockroach control

Active ingredient(s): 0.05g/kg Fipronil

Goliath® Gel Cockroach Bait from BASF is simply the best single product available for complete, lasting and cost-effective cockroach control. No other gel bait is as palatable, potent, economical and convenient.

One bait per square metre of Goliath is potent enough to quickly eliminate an active colony and go on protecting the area for up to three months. With over a thousand bait placements in every tube, Goliath provides large economical coverage that’s easy to apply.

Key benefits

  • Lasting and cost-effective cockroach control
  • One bait per square metre
  • Transfer effect to other cockroaches

How it works

Goliath® Gel contains 0.5 g/kg of the active ingredient, meaning only small amounts of bait are required for the powerful Goliath Transfer Effect™ to start working through cockroach populations, providing unsurpassed levels of control.

Once cockroaches have eaten Goliath Gel, they act as mobile baits. Taking the Goliath dose back to the harbourage, they contaminate others through cannibalisation and consumption of faecal matter. That Transfer Effect extends its activity to areas which are difficult to treat and ensures that the whole population is fully controlled.

The Transfer Effect is particularly important since not all cockroaches will find the gel placements. Knockdown products like sprays, which cause rapid mortality, do not have this effect because the cockroaches are killed before they have the chance to return to the harbourage.

Goliath Gel controls cockroaches at their source, which translates into highly effective, long-term control. The gel that remains after the infestation has been controlled will continue to provide protection and control of future infestations for about three months.

Pests Controlled

Questions and Answers from the Field

  • Do gel baits work on cockroaches?

    Gel baits especially advanced solutions like BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait, are highly effective and work to control cockroach infestations. Goliath Gel is known for its palatability, which attracts cockroaches to consume the bait, and its powerful transfer effect ensures that even cockroaches that didn't directly consume the gel are affected.

  • Do cockroach baits work on German cockroaches?

    BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait is specifically formulated to target German and other common cockroaches. Goliath Gel’s unique and highly palatable bait matrix combined with the potent insecticide, Fipronil, ensures unsurpassed control that works on German cockroaches.

  • How do you use Goliath Gel?

    BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait, apply it in spots at or near areas where cockroaches gather, especially in cracks and crevices. For optimal results in domestic, commercial, and public service buildings, apply 1–3 spots of Goliath Gel per square meter. Depending on the severity of the infestation and species present, you can increase the number of spots (up to 3) and the spot size. Each recommended spot size is between 0.03–0.06g.

  • What is the best bait for cockroaches?

    BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait is often hailed as the gold standard in cockroach control and is the best bait for cockroaches. Its unique bait matrix combined with the powerful insecticide, Fipronil, ensures both rapid and lasting results. Furthermore, Goliath Gel’s Transfer Effect ensures total control of the cockroach population, making it one of the most effective solutions available.

  • How toxic is cockroach bait?

    Cockroach baits are designed to be toxic to cockroaches but are formulated to have low toxicity to humans and other animals. BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait contains Fipronil, and while it's extremely effective against cockroaches, Goliath Gel is of relatively low toxicity to humans when used as directed. Always follow the label and keep out of reach of children and pets.

  • What is the active ingredient in Goliath gel?

    The active ingredient in BASF’s Goliath Gel cockroach bait is Fipronil. Fipronil is a powerful insecticide that's especially effective in controlling cockroach populations through direct consumption and the Transfer Effect. Goliath Gel extends its activity to areas which are difficult to treat and ensures that the whole population is fully controlled.