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Seclira® Pressurised Insecticide By BASF - Australia Packshot

Seclira® Pressurised Insecticide


Convenient and precise protection

Mode of action: Group 4A insecticide
Active ingredient(s): 5 g/kg Dinotefuran

Seclira® Pressurised Insecticide makes the ground-breaking advantages of the Seclira WSG formulation available in a pressurised pack for more convenient and precise application into cracks and crevices.

Seclira Pressurised Insecticide is a fast-acting, non-repellent, ready-to-use product with System III® compatibility for the control of a broad range of pests including ants, and cockroaches. It dries clear and odourless, so it can be used in a wide range of situations. Seclira Pressurised insecticide’s unique non-repellent active ingredient will control pyrethroid-resistant pests quickly and is powered by Genuine Transfer Effect Technology, making it an ideal product to use in rotation with Phantom® Pressurised Insecticide.


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Key benefits

  • Unique acting solution
  • Superior knockdown effect
  • Transfer technology for unmatched performance

How it works

Seclira® Pressurised Insecticide provides a unique mode of action – third generation neonicotinoid. This affects the nicotinic acetylcholine binding in a mode that differs from other neonicotinoids, and is found highly active where imidacloprid resistance has developed.

Seclira Pressurised Insecticide is effective through both contact and ingestion.


Left: In normal neurotransmission, an the AChE enzyme, (acetylcholinesterase) creates a reaction which breakdown acetylcholine (ACh) and revents overstimulation and blockage of receptors.

Right: When Dinotefuran is introduced, the ACh receptors are blocked. This leads to overstimulation and the quick and fatal disruption of the nervous system.

Pests Controlled