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Termidor® Foam Termiticide and Insecticide By BASF - Australia Packshot

Termidor® Foam

Termiticide and Insecticide

The first-choice foam for complete termite colony control

Active ingredient(s): 0.05g/kg Fipronil

Another innovation that extends the superiority of the Termidor range for flexible, reliable and fast termite control, Termidor® Foam is a robust dry foam formulation that expands to fill termite nests, galleries and other active workings.

With an unsurpassed thirty-to-one expansion ratio, Termidor Foam won’t go to water in the termite workings like other foams can.

Unlike them, it stays in place as the perfect product for Stage 1 colony elimination.


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Key benefits

  • Flexible, reliable and fast termite control
  • 30:1 expansion ratio
  • Stage 1 colony elimination

How it works

Termidor® Foam has been specifically formulated as a dry foam which builds and holds in place, ensuring the active is evenly distributed throughout the treated area. With the added advantage of an unsurpassed 30:1 expansion ratio, Termidor Foam will permeate intricate termite workings and carton material without dissipating and turning to water as other foams tend to.

A carefully calibrated 0.05 g/L concentration of the Termidor active ensures that Termidor Foam does not kill too quickly, allowing time for the powerful Termidor Transfer Effect to go to work.

Termidor Foam should be applied directly to termite nests (including bivouacs) in trees, stumps, posts, power poles, mounds and wall cavities. Termidor Foam can also be applied to termite activity when the nest cannot be located, such as active workings in timber and wall cavities and in bait stations.

Ant nests and enclosed ant harbourages may also be treated with Termidor Foam.

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What our customers are saying

Man in front of pest truck

"The newly released Termidor HE formulation has provided time savings and the advantages of a premium offering for pest controllers."

Aaron Bonney, of POD’S Pest in Townsville, Queensland.
Man in front of pest truck

“With Termidor SC we were drilling holes 150mm to 200mm apart.  Those spacing distances can increase to 450mm with Termidor HE. We are saving two-thirds of the drilling time.”

Aaron Bonney, of POD’S Pest in Townsville, Queensland.
Man in front of pest truck

“It has a lubricant on the active ingredient that allows it to travel a lot further through the soil.  Once it settles the lubricant comes off and the product is able to do its job.”

Aaron Bonney, of POD’S Pest in Townsville, Queensland.