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Storm soft bucket

Storm® Soft Bait


The new Storm® that rats and mice can’t resist

Active ingredient(s): 0.05g/kg Flocoumafen

Now the reliable rodent control of Storm comes in an irresistible new form. New Storm Soft Bait is the only rodent soft bait that has the same concentration of active ingredient as its equivalent wax block, Storm Secure. That makes auditing easier if you’re using both baits, as well as making Storm Soft Bait more effective than less potent formulations.

As a soft bait with no wax and high fat and oil content, Storm Soft Bait is very hard for rats and mice to resist. As a high-dose formulation, a single feed is all it takes.

The result is unsurpassed efficacy even in the most challenging rodent control situations.


Key benefits

  • Rapid results
  • Same level of concentration as wax block
  • Use in a variety of situations and locations

How it works

Unlike other soft baits, Storm® Soft Bait is formulated at the same concentration of active ingredient as Storm Wax Blocks, which produces rapid results.

That active ingredient, flocoumafen, is a very potent second-generation rodenticide. The combination of a potent active and high active loading means it only takes a single feed for both rats and mice to consume a lethal dose, giving fast and reliable control.

Each bait is packaged in a permeable sachet that releases aromas which attract rodents to the very palatable formulation with its high fat and oil content.

Storm Soft Bait is effective on both rats and mice and can be used in a variety of situations, including within and around domestic, commercial, agricultural and industrial buildings.