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Selontra Soft Bait Packshot

Selontra® Soft Bait


Game-changing rodent control for high-pressure and sensitive situations

Active ingredient(s): 0.75 g/kg Colecalciferol

Selontra® Soft Bait Rodenticide is a highly effective, innovative rodent bait that rapidly controls rodent infestations and offers several unique advantages including shorter baiting regimes and higher palatability. Selontra is powered by a non-anticoagulant (non-AVK) active ingredient, and formulated into a stable, highly palatable soft block formulation.

PLEASE NOTE: Selontra is restricted for sale to professional applicators and farmers only, and should not be sold to the general public. It is a Schedule 7 chemical and must be managed according to the conditions of registration and your local state’s regulations.


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Key benefits

  • Highly palatable and stable formulation
  • Non-anticoagulant active which does not bioaccumulate
  • Superior performance - up to three times faster control than anticoagulants
  • Stop-feeding effect that prevents bait wastage
  • Flexible and diverse use pattern

How it works

The active ingredient in Selontra is neither persistent nor bio-accumulative. Selontra controls rodents up to three times faster than anticoagulant rodenticides and has a stop-feeding effect, which results in reduced bait wastage and significant cost savings.

Studies on birds (quail and mallard) have shown that compared to rats and mice, they are approximately 50-times less sensitive to cholecalciferol. Secondary poisoning studies on 0.075% / 0.08% cholecalciferol baits have shown no signs of toxicosis in the cats, dogs or birds tested.*

Want to know more? Watch our video below, and visit the BASF Agro Youtube Channel to view our series of information videos.


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Questions and Answers from the Field

  • Are rodenticides harmful to humans?

    Rodenticides can be harmful to humans – and any bait should be placed out of reach of children and animals. Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide should be placed in areas that are not accessible to domestic animals, children, pets and wildlife. 

  • Can I put rat poison in my backyard?

    It’s important to get a professional pest controller to put rat poison in your backyard. Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide is a highly effective rat poison that rapidly controls rodent infestations and offers several unique advantages including shorter baiting regimes and higher palatability. 

  • Can rat poison be used indoors?

    Rat poison can be used indoors. To effectively control rat infestations, a professional pest controller can use Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide. Selontra offers gamechanging rodent control and is a highly effective and innovative rat poison.

  • Can you buy professional rat poison?

    Professional rat poison must be used by a professional pest controller. Pest professionals use highly effective rat poison products such as Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide.  

  • How do you use Selontra rodent bait?

    Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide can be used in and around homes, industrial, commercial and agricultural buildings, farms, food processing facilities and many other areas where rats nest. Selontra is placed in bait stations along rat runs or areas exhibiting signs of infestation and is highly effective at eliminating rats.

  • Is Selontra an anticoagulant rodenticide?

    Selontra is not an anticoagulant rodenticide. Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide is powered by a non-anticoagulant active ingredient. Selontra controls rodents up to three times faster than anticoagulant rodenticides.  

  • Is Selontra safe for wildlife?

    Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide has a limited likelihood of adverse exposure to non-target animals via secondary poisoning so is relatively safe for wildlife.

  • What does rodenticide do to mice?

    Rodenticide kills mice. A highly effective rodenticide such as Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide can be used to deal with mice infestations. It’s important to place Selontra in tamper resistant bait stations roughly 2-3 metres apart in places where mice activity or droppings are seen.

  • What happens if a dog eats Selontra?

    If your dog eats Selontra Soft Bait rodenticide, or any other rodenticide, prompt veterinary treatment can be critical to the life of the pet. Immediately call an emergency animal hospital or the BASF Hotline at 1-800-832-4357 (24/7) and select option 3 for first-aid advice.